Real Gone


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Real Gone from 2004 sees Waits and his long time collaborator, wife Kathleen Brennan pen and produce a melting pot of styles. 15 tracks of Funk, Jamaican Rocksteady, urban and rural Blues, African and Latin rhythms and melodies feature on this fine release. The album features some of the few political songs Waits has written, the most explicit being Day After Tomorrow, a song Waits has described as an "elliptical" protest against the Iraq War.

2LP - Remastered Double 180 Gram Vinyl with Download. Newly remixed by Karl Derfler and remastered with Waits / Brennan.


  1. Top of the Hill
  2. Hoist That Rag
  3. Sins of My Father
  4. Shake It
  5. Don't Go Into That Barn
  6. How's It Gonna End
  7. Metropolitan Glide
  8. Dead and Lovely
  9. Circus
  10. Trampled Rose
  11. Green Grass
  12. Baby Gonna Leave Me
  13. Clang Boom Steam
  14. Make It Rain
  15. Day After Tomorrow

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