Raw Selfie

Vinyl LP
Available on Vinyl LP. Dunedin-based musician Darryl Baser moved to New Zealand’s independent music capital in March 1993 and promptly began organising gigs for himself and a host of his peers.
Smart phones are gradually taking over the world and the word “Selfie” is added to the dictionary.Becoming a single person in late May, to solve his communication issues he purchases an LG Optima, and rapidly discovers it can record sound.For a laugh and a bit of self-reference records a song, then another, and another.Around that time old friend and long-time fan of New Zealand music Arno Loffler visits his second home of Dunedin, the two get talking at the Queens music venue, and the idea of recording an entire album on a smart phone was born.From a hazy recollection during a busy period the title "RAW SELFIE" was thrown about at the meeting at Queens.Baser says the title reflects both the modern ‘selfie’ obsessed generation who seem driven by a need to take pictures of themselves and their friends on their phones and promptly posting them online.

1. Following A Line
2. Crystalline (And Sometimes Blue)
3. Raw Selfie
4. Bruise
5. Arrhythmia
6. Warm Blue Heart (For Mags)
7. The Whiff of a Great Deed Lingers (Words by Richard Langston)
8. Faked Out