Rocket To Russia

Vinyl LP

The Ramones released its second album of the calendar year (and third overall) on November 4, 1977, capping off one of the biggest years in the history of punk with Rocket To Russia.

Among the band's best-loved albums, it features classics like Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and Rockaway Beach along with their signature covers of Do You Wanna Dance? and Surfin' Bird. It's also the last album ever recorded by all four founding members, as drummer Tommy Ramone left soon after to focus on writing and producing.

This LP features the audio from the 40th Anniversary Edition of Rocket To Russia - remastered by original Rocket To Russia album engineer/mixer Ed Stasium.


A1. Cretin Hop (Remastered)
A2. Rockaway Beach (Remastered)
A3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Remastered)
A4. Locket Love (Remastered)
A5. I Don't Care (Remastered)
A6. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Remastered)
A7. We're A Happy Family (Remastered)
B1. Teenage Lobotomy (Remastered)
B2. Do You Wanna Dance? (Remastered)
B3. I Wanna Be Well (Remastered)
B4. I Can't Give You Anything (Remastered)
B5. Ramona (Remastered)
B6. Surfin' Bird (Remastered)
B7. Why Is It Always This Way? (Remastered)