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Hail To The Thief - Flying Out


Hail To The Thief

XL Recordings

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Maybe well call it the political one. Hail To The Thief is immersed in dread and paranoia, albeit a more visceral, emboldened dread and paranoia than what characterized OK Computer or Kid A. If those records were the sound of a man curled up in the fetal position, paralyzed by the world around him, this was a father swinging into action to protect his family. Thom Yorke had no shortage of tumult to get worked up about. As he explained to Rolling Stone, the title Hail To The Thief is a reference to George W. Bushs controversial 2000 election win, news that set off this tremendous feeling of foreboding, quite indescribable, really. To me, all the feelings on the record stem from that moment. He almost didnt use the phrase, though, because the record is not just about that. Next came 9/11, then the U.S. and U.K. subverting the U.N. to invade Saddam Husseins Iraq. War on Terror, Axis of Evil, Weapons of Mass Destruction — the phrases are still evocative of the tension in the air. Underlying the global concerns were the personal: In 2000 Yorke suffered a beating at the hands of street thugs while walking home from a pub. The following year, his son, Noah, was born. Suddenly, Yorke had more to lose than elections. - Stereogum

Artist: Radiohead

Title: Hail To The Thief
Label: XL
Cat #: XLLP785
Year: 2003
Format: 2LP

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