Music for Egon Schiele (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

Originally released in 1996, Music for Egon Schiele is the soundtrack to a piece of dance and theater that debuted at the Itinerant Theater Guild in 1995 in Chicago. Based on the life of the romantic and controversial Viennese painter, Egon Schiele was written and directed by Stephen Mazurek, who headed the group of performing artists. Rachel Grimes composed the music and performed it with two string musicians during the run of the performance.


1. Family Portrait
2. Egon & Gertie
3. First Self-Portrait Series
4. Mime Van Osen
5. Second Self-Portrait Series
6. Wally, Egon & Models in the Studio
7. Promenade
8. Third Self-Portrait Series
9. Egon, Edith & Wally Meet
10. Egon & Wally Embrace & Say Farewell
11. Egon & Edith
12. Second Family Portrait