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Detroit native Quelle Chris' 2022 album ‘Deathfame’ sees him team up with Knxwledge, Chris Keys, Pink Siifu and Navy Blue for a gorgeously orchestrated, pensive and deep album. Shrewd wordplay, stark honesty and soulful observations shows that even though he's over 40, Quelle Chris never loses touch with modern rap - Hunter

When an artist consistently creates at the forward edge, there are no guardrails. Quelle Chris has been comfortable at the boundaries, leading Hip-Hop since he started.

Quelle’s vision extends beyond genre or format. He continued broadening his creative ambitions even beyond his own legendary four album run (BYIG, Everything's Fine, Guns, Innocent Country 2) and worked with Chris Keys to compose part of the score for the Oscar-winning film “Judas and The Black Messiah” with director Shaka King.

The new album, DEATHFAME, is a sonic treatment produced by Quelle himself, along with Chris Keys and Knxwledge. The record carries on like an incredible lost tape found at a flea market. It explores, unflinchingly, every moment of the trials the early 2020s has brought to all of us. Guests Navy Blue and Pink Siifu lend brilliance to the dynamic and unexpected new album coming May 13th on Mello Music Group.


  1. TEYC 
  2. Alive Ain't Always Living
  3. King In Black
  4. PS1 (Pontiac Sunfire 1) 
  5. Feed The Heads
  6. So Tired You Can't Stop Dreaming (feat. Navy Blue) 
  7. Die Happy Knowing They'll Care 
  9. The Agency Of The Future 
  10. Help I'm Dead 
  11. How Could You Love Something Like Me? 
  12. CUI Podest (Feat Denmark Vessey, J Jig Cicero) 
  13. The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red (feat. MoRuf, Pink Siifu) (prod. Chris Keys & Knxwledge) 
  14. Excuse My Back (feat. Cavalier)