Who is Afraid of Blue?

Vinyl LP

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An indie pop duo whose music has a cool retro vibe buoyed by smooth melodies, a naturalistic sound, and warm harmonies, Purr is a collaboration between songwriters, musicians, and longtime friends Eliza Barry Callahan and Jack Staffen. The two previously worked together as Jack + Eliza, but while that project emphasized spare and stripped-down accompaniment, Purr's recordings feature a fuller sound with a larger palette of instrumental flavors that often references '60s pop. Purr introduced themselves to the world with a 2018 single, Bad Advice backed with Painted Memory, that showed off their talents as both writers and vocalists, and they further refined their style on their first full-length album, 2020's Like New and continue that on forthcoming album Who Is Afraid Of Blue?


1. Honey
2. Drift
3. Cave
4. Hesper
5. Guessing
6. To Be Better
7. The Natural
8. Receiver
9. Who Is Afraid of Blue
10. Many Days