Purple Mountains

Vinyl LP
A decade after quitting music with the disbanding of Silver Jews, David Berman released this incredible album. Cheerful music paired with lyrics of resignation, depression and the bitterness which comes with loneliness ~ this record is one of a kind. - Lucia

Ten years have come and gone since Silver Jews, whose classic run was made somehow finite in 2009, when the voice himself, David Berman, announced his retirement from music.

The Purple Mountains train rolls on through its desolate American landscape, equal parts joy and resignation. The voice, former Silver Jew David Berman, is returned from the hinterland, ten years after turning off the tap to his string of indie-jukebox classics  - and his findings, he warns us, are candid.

Not only is his heart heavy with trepidation, but the world around him seems to be lacking. The only respite for our singer is to bury himself in the garish surroundings that make up our misbegotten disunited states.


  1. That's Just the Way That I Feel
  2. All My Happiness Is Gone
  3. Darkness and Cold
  4. Snow Is Falling In Manhattan
  5. Margaritas At the Mall
  6. She's Making Friends, I'm Turning Stranger
  7. I Loved Being My Mother's Son
  8. Nights That Won't Happen
  9. Storyline Fever
  10. Maybe I'm the Only One For Me