This Is Hardcore

Vinyl 2LP

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This is Hardcore is the sixth and final album from long running Brit-poppers Pulp and the 'difficult' follow up to their worldwide smash Different Class. Although it had none of the hits of the former, it was a dark and complex work and the sort of artistic statement that showed that the band weren't just Brit-pop stadium puppets. I'd hope in these more enlightened days the artwork would be less degrading to women but them were different days. I'm sure everyone has moved on and learned.   

  1. The Fear
  2. Dishes
  3. Party Hard
  4. Help the Aged
  5. This Is Hardcore
  6. TV Movie
  7. A Little Soul
  8. I'm a Man
  9. Seductive Barry
  10. Sylvia
  11. Glory Days
  12. The Day After the Revolution

  13. Tomorrow Never Lies
  14. Laughing Boy
  15. The Professional
  16. This Is Hardcore (end of the line remix)

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