Forever Now

Vinyl LP

Forever Now was the last great moment in the Furs' early career. If you think the presence of Todd Rundgren behind the board means an increased focus on the band's already developing pop sensibilities, you're right on the money. The Furs had yet to descend to the radio-ready depths that would find them indistinguishable from other '80s Britpoppers. Instead, the pop sheen of Forever Now is a breath of fresh air - a sign of growth, not decline. The slinky keyboards of Love My Way and the strings of Sleep Comes Down are welcome additions to the band's sonic palette, and for the first time, the Psychedelic Furs live up to their name, with a pronounced Beatles influence. The glories of Talk Talk Talk are given a new coat of paint, and the change is a positive one.


President Gas 5:09
Love My Way 3:26
Run And Run 3:43
Merry-Go-Round 3:44
Sleep Comes Down 3:43
Forever Now 5:25
Danger 2:32
You & I 4:15
Goodbye 3:47
No Easy Street 3:54