Psyche France Vol. 7 (RSD 2021)


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A really cool entry in this ultra-hip series – a volume that moves a bit more into the 70s than previous ones, but still hangs onto all the wonderfully wild touches that makes the music so great! As you'd guess by the "psyche" in the title, there's certainly some psychedelic influences at play here – but the music is also a bit more built up from all those very cool elements that always made the French scene so different than the rest – that mode of the Serge Gainsbourg generation letting their hair down a bit more, picking up their guitars, but also opening the door to influences from jazz and other global music. Most of these cuts aren't really out there on the reissue market in any other format – and titles include "Vole Vole Vole" by Presence, "Donne" by Richard Contell, "D'Un Jour A L'Autre" by Richard Lable, "Neptune" by Michel Ripoche, "Je Suis Julliet" by Edwige, "L'Ile De Paques" by Guy Skornik, "Les Scandales" by Gilbert Deflez, and "Tu As Tape Du Pied" by Jean Yves Lievaux

Track Listing:

1. Guy Skornik - L’ile de Pâques (1971)
2. Gilbert Deflez - Les scandales (1974)
3. Jean-Yves Lievaux - Tu as tapé du pied (1974)
4. Edwige - Je suis juillet (1973)
5. Punch - Le pays où lon vit d’amour (1972)
6. Philippe Chatel - Je serai là (1973)
7. Quo Vadis - Si je vendais du soleil (1973)
8. Jean-Pierre Castelain - Monsieur Dugenou (1972)
9. Présence - Vole, vole, vole (1973)
10. Richard Contell - Donne (1975)
11. Richard Lable - D’un jour à l’autre (1977)
12. Michel Ripoche - Neptune (1975)