Proud: An Urban-Pacific Streetsoul Compilation (Vinyl 2LP, Red & Yellow)

Vinyl 2LP (Red & Yellow)

Reissue of Proud: An Urban-Pacific Streetsoul Compilation — the landmark 1994 album, conceived and produced by Alan Jansson.

Originally released on CD and cassette in 1994, and briefly available again in 2000, Proud has been unavailable in its physical form for the past 23 years — although the album has never really left Aotearoa’s collective psyche — being named Independent Music New Zealand’s ‘Classic Record’ in May 2022, as well as being listed in Nick Bollinger’s 2009 book 100 Essential New Zealand Albums.
Remastered over 12 months by Alan Jansson, this Proud vinyl reissue includes iconic tracks from Sisters Underground (‘In The Neighbourhood'), Otara Millionaires Club (‘We R The OMC’) and Semi MCs (‘Trust Me’). and adds a side of rare 1994 12” remixes including the collectable ‘Sisters On The Boulevarde Dub’ found only on the original promo.


  1. Sisters Underground - In the Neighbourhood
  2. Pacifican Descendants - Tuesday Blues
  3. Otara Millionaires Club - We R The O.M.C.
  4. Radio Backstab & DJ Payback - Bassed on a Lost Cause
  5. Pacifican Descendants - Pass It Over
  6. Di-Na-Ve - Dawn Of The Eve
  7. Vocal Five - One Too Many
  8. Semi MCs - I Dont Need You
  9. Sisters Underground - Aint It True
  10. Rhythm Harmony - Groove Me
  11. Semi MCs - Trust Me
  12. MC Slam -  Prove Me Wrong
  13. Puka Puka - Pacific Beats
  14. Vocal Five - God Defend New Zealand
  15. Sisters Underground - In the Neighbourhood (Uptown Mix)
  16. Otara Millionaires Club - We R The O.M.C. (Depth Charge Mix)
  17. Sisters Underground - In The Neighbourhood (Sisters On The Boulevarde Dub)