Brown Album (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

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Prepare to be captivated by the sonic wonders of the Brown Album. This genre-defying masterpiece pushes the boundaries of alternative rock, showcasing the incomparable talents of Primus. Immerse yourself in the intricate bass lines, explosive drums, and enigmatic vocals that converge to create a mesmerising auditory experience.

Among the notable tracks, Shake Hands with Beef stands out with its funky, mind-bending brilliance, combining virtuosic bass playing with an off-kilter groove that will leave you in awe. Bob’s Party Time Lounge transports listeners to a surreal musical carnival, boasting quirky melodies, infectious energy, and unpredictable twists and turns. Meanwhile, Camelback Cinema enchants with its hauntingly beautiful blend of atmospheric textures, ethereal vocals, and intricate guitar work, painting a vivid sonic landscape that lingers long after the last note fades. Experience the indescribable magic of Primus - Brown Album and let your musical senses soar.


1. The Return Of Sathington Willoughby
2. Fisticuffs
3. Golden Boy
4. Over The Falls
5. Shake Hands With Beef
6. Camelback Cinema
7. Hats Off
8. Puddin' Taine
9. Bob's Party Time Lounge
10. Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread
11. Restin' Bones
12. Coddingtown
13. Kalamazoo
14. The Chastising Of Renegade
15. Arnie

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