Soft Features

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"Soft Features" is the debut album from Pregnant Women, the solo project of Morgan Fox of So Stressed.

Born and raised in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, Morgan spent much of his teenage years playing drums in various bad rock bands. Once he grew up and moved to Sacramento for college, he stopped playing drums in bad rock bands and instead tried to learn how to sing and use a synthesizer. In 2010, he joined Kenneth Draper and Andrew Garcia to form the noisy rock and roll band, So Stressed.

In 2012, Morgan began a bedroom recording project experimenting with electronic pop under the name Pregnant Women. Drawing inspiration from Aphex Twin, Air, Passion Pit, and a new relationship, he recorded the six song EP, Sunbathe – a hazy, reverb-drenched dreamworld of love and longing. 

Between touring and recording with So Stressed, Morgan has been slowly and carefully writing the first proper Pregnant Women full length, Soft Features, which was recorded with Patrick Hills and several other friends and collaborators (Kenneth Draper of So Stressed, Nathan Latona of Tera Melos, etc.) at Earthtone Recording Company in Sacramento, California.

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