Never Return (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

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The latest in the fantastic Numero reissue campaign of what they've labelled here as "outsider emo", Pot Valiant (formerly known as Vagrants) were sifting around and making noise in the Berkley area in the early 90s. This compilation brings together everything the band released, both the Lookout and Sunny Sindicut 7"s, their sole album Transaudio in its entirety, tracks culled from compilations, and three previously unreleased songs. Packed with notes, rediscovered artwork, and ephemera, Numero have done it again on this one! - Flying Out

Loitering on the same Berkeley streets that birthed Green Day, Operation Ivy, and Crimpshrine, Pot Valiant (AKA Vagrants) developed their own style of Gilmangaze in the early-'90s. Compiled here are the band's Lookout and Sunny Sindicut 7"s, Transaudio LP, comp tracks, and three previously unissued songs. Remastered from the original tapes, this 2xLP package is housed in a tip-on gatefold sleeve and includes a 20 page booklet crammed with notes, flyers, and photos of this staple of outsider emo. 


1. Nugget Killer
2. Tapir
3. Oar
4. Low Dexterity Points
5. This Heaven Has Bars
6. Sick
7. Going
8. Last Sun
9. Untitled (Unfinished)
10. Volar
11. Low Dexterity Points (Single Version)
12. Loud Street
13. Wood
14. Mythmaker's Office
15. Cell
16. Open Book
17. Gone
18. Alone
19. Civilization Was
20. Used
21. Berth

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