Imps of Perversion

Imps of Perversion, Pop. 1280's second full-length for Sacred Bones, finds the four-piece shaking off the hangover that was their critically acclaimed LP The Horror, and diving back down into the basement to enjoy the depravity. Recorded at BC Studio with legendary producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Cop Shoot Cop, Swans), Pop. 1280 has created their most cohesive and powerful statement to date. Woven together with stories of lust, sexual confusion, temptation, and debauchery, Imps forms a tight web of manic synth-punk, bad-trip acid jams and bludgeoning industrial beats. From the opening noise-rock blast of 'Lights Out' to the industrial groove of 'Human Probe II'¬ù through to the synth-punk ripper 'Do the Anglerfish'¬ù this new album is a celebration of making bad decisions again and again. Pop. 1280 knows the party's going to have to end, but they're going to get their kicks before the drones lock in for the finale.


1. Lights Out 
2. The Control Freak 
3. Population Control 
4. Nailhouse 
5. Human Probe II 
6. Do The Anglerfish 
7. Dawn Of Man 
8. Coma Baby 
9. Human Probe 
10. Riding Shotgun