Feel The Darkness (2018 Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP

Poison Idea's 1990 classic Feel The Darkness album has been remixed and remastered and is now available on a 2 LP Set which also includes singles, B-sides, some choice covers and outtakes featuring the classic lineup of Jerry A, Pig Champion, Myrtle Tickner, Mondo, and Thee Slayer Hippy.


Side A
1. Plastic Bomb
2. Deep Sleep
3. The Badge
4. Just To Get Away
5. Gone For Good
6. Death Of An Idiot Blues
7. Taken By Surprise

Side B
1. Alan's On Fire
2. Welcome To Krell
3. Nation Of Finks
4. Back Stab Gospel
5. Painkiller
6. Feel The Darkness

Side C
1. We Got The Beat
2. Discontent
3. Jail House Stomp
4. The Harder They Come
5. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
6. This Is It (aka Desecrate)

Side D
1. Plastic Bomb - Alternate Mix
2. Death Of An Idiot Blues - Thee Idiot Mix
3. Feel The Darkness - Remix Mix
4. Crack Smoking Freak