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Welcome Break



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Amsterdam’s Pip Blom are back with a brand-new record, Welcome Break. The album follows their much-loved debut Boat.Actively seeking out moments of creative-authenticity, be it via a slightly-out-of-tune guitar or proudly fuzzed vocals, Pip Blom take us back full circle and introduce us to their Welcome Break- an eleven-track release which resonates with about as much decisive allure as it’s Boat precursor, but this time with a bit more contemporary chaos to boot. Where Boat reckoned as a fresh-faced, yet gloriously fearless game-changer, Welcome Break is the self-assured older sibling who, with an additional year or two behind themselves, isn’t afraid to speak out, take lead, and instigate a liberated revolution-come-bliss-out.Welcome Break is self-produced and engineered by Al Harle at Big Jelly Studios. The record has been mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer Caesar Edmunds.


  1. You Don't Want This
  2. 12
  3. It Should Have Been Fun
  4. Keep It Together
  5. Different Tune
  6. I Know I’m Not Easy To Like 
  7. Faces 
  8. I Love The City
  9. Easy
  10. Holiday
  11. Trouble In Paradise