City Limits

Vinyl 12"

Without even releasing a record, Peckham based DJ & MC Pinty has quickly become the talk of the town. ‘Tropical Bleu’, the lead single off debut EP ‘City Limits’, was produced by Archy Marshall - or King Krule - under his DJ JD SPORTS alias. It boasts the hallmarks of Marshall’s woozy production coupled with Pinty’s MC-led approach to the dancefloor. ‘Tropical Bleu’ is a jazz-tinged broken beat roller which sees Pinty gliding effortlessly backwards into the rat race. Given the fluid approach to genre and it’s grounding in Peckham’s vibrant musical scene, Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section International is the rightful home for ‘City Limits’, which traverses hip hop, house, UKG, jazz and darker electronic sounds with ease.


  1. Tropical Bleu 
  2. Honey 
  3. Ceasors (12" Mix)
  4. Nightcrawler (12" Mix) 
  5. Sunday Smokes 
  6. City Limits