Laundromat (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP (Baby Blue)



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At once a natural progression from their previous albums, and a return to the home-recording roots of earlier Pickle Darling works, Laundromat sees Lukas Mayo (they/them) in that rarest of modern states: settled and secure. Having found a home and haven to live and write, Lukas set about finding art and magic in the unexpected and seemingly mundane, reminding themselves what they always loved about the Pickle Darling project; resulting in a set of immediate, inquisitive, and ever-charming set of songs that will delight fans and doubtless win over new hearts in the process. - Flying Out

As Pickle Darling, Christchurch, New Zealand-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Lukas Mayo (they/them) zooms in on the universality of existential thought with earnest playfulness. After years of touring on previous albums, Bigness (2019, Z Tapes) and Cosmonaut (2021, Z Tapes) and supporting artists like Lucy Dacus and The Beths, Pickle Darling's third album, Laundromat, marks their debut with Father/Daughter Records. 

In her 2009 short story collection, writer Lydia Davis creates worlds in tiny spaces, some totaling only two sentences. Steering away from the rigidity of what a piece of art is meant to look like, Christchurch, New Zealand-based artist Mayo took inspiration from Davis, and others, to find the magic in the mundane. Art is everywhere: in the shape we make out of a napkin while waiting for our coffee to arrive, in the text we send to a friend in need, in the beat we make on the steering wheel while stuck at a red light. As Pickle Darling, Mayo points past perfectionism, and leans into the art of the everyday, where these ever-evolving forms of creativity find their home in new album Laundromat.

  1. Early Geometry
  2. In Good Health
  3. King of Joy
  4. Head Terrarium
  5. Choruses
  6. Computer Repair
  7. Laundromat
  8. Marcie
  9. Kinds of Love
  10. Invercargill Angel
  11. Scared
  12. More Kinds of Love