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P.H.F. (formerly Perfect Hair Forever) is the home recording project of Auckland, New Zealand native, Joe Locke. After forming the project in 2012, Locke has had a prolific musical output and creative presence online. Inspired by the freedom to experiment exercised by bands like Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu, and the resourcefulness of ‘80s era hardcore, P.H.F. has created a sound that is both imaginative and utilitarian. In November 2020, P.H.F. released New Metal, Locke's tenth full length with the project, which has completely overhauled P.H.F's sound yet again for the new decade. With Unplugged, P.H.F. shares a collection of stripped-down acoustic versions of old and unreleased songs.


  1. Lack of Interest
  2. More Marsh
  3. Slur
  4. Living in the City
  5. Pretty
  6. White Cadillac
  7. Better Someday
  8. Skincare
  9. Sometimes
  10. Drag Thru Urs