The Greener Pasture


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My previous album, Anthropocene, asks in the title track, "where will I go/ if I don't want to be/ with idle hands awaiting catastrophe/ here in the Anthropocene." The Greener Pasture offers a somewhat defeated answer to that question in its own title track: "The greener pasture is also fenced in/ the wider trough has an asterisk/ rotate the herd every few days/ or is it every few years/ we got their tags on our ears/ standing in shit crying bovine tears." As cattle's comfort is often forgone, I've been uncomfortably seeking my role in a market economy that might allow me to contribute to necessary change in the system. Even those reluctant to acquiesce to the demands of the labor market such as myself are these days made valuable through their data and attention. Just as screens have reached beyond squared corners, up and around user-facing lenses, screens have spread beyond times square to capture the core of our culture and economy at a rapid pace
- Peter Oren

RIYL: Nick Cave, Bill Callahan, Purple Mountains


1. In Line to Die
2. Stud Song
3. Free
4. The Greener Pasture
5. Whole World
6. Fun Yet
7. John Wayne
8. Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)
9. Ones and Ohs
10. Don't Eat Their Feed
11. Fences, Ranchers, and Cattle Prods
12. Loading Page