Destroy Yourself

Vinyl LP

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PENGSHUi have revealed everything you need to know about their upcoming new album.

Here we go:
1) It's called 'Destroy Yourself'.
2) It's going to be dropping on January 28 via MVKA.
3) Frontman Illaman had this to say about the album:

"I think we've managed to capture our live energy on this record. With our first album, people said you have to see it live to fully get, which was cool, but we wanted to give that live feeling from the first track with this record so then when you do see a show, the energy is doubled.

There is a lot of emotion and pain in this album for me, the reason we named it 'Destroy Yourself' is because it's about breaking yourself down and taking yourself apart then looking at what feels wrong, what makes you unhappy, the addictions you have, the life and death, love and loss and allowing the lessons from all that to help you grow.

These new songs sound great to us in the rehearsal room and we genuinely cannot wait to play them out to a room full of people. I think fans of our sound will have an emotional attachment to these tunes too and that energy will be present when we get back on stage in February for the tour. These tunes are bangers on a different level to our previous stuff. We're settled in now and we are 100% comfortable with what we are and are doing.”


  1. Break The Law ft P Money 
  2. Eat The Rich 
  3. Little Brother 
  4. Ain't No Love
  5. Move The World 
  6. I'm Sick
  7. This Is My Youth 
  8. Ursa Minor
  10. Shellers
  11. Destroy Yourself
  12. Nothing Ever Changes

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