Sleepless Dreamer

Vinyl LP (Pink Colour)



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Her full-length debut album, Sleepless Dreamer describes late night revelry, love affairs, running away and running towards, serenading the sunrise through whirlwind stories of her native Los Angeles, the city, the canyon, the desert, and the road. On a quest to discover the truest version of herself, Charles embraces the feeling of not being settled, a person that always restlessly wants more from life and will chase it down. Pearl describes her new album full of songs that are Country disco. It's the kind of music that breathes the sounds of the American Heartland. Full of love, loss, and truly strong emotions, yet it has a cool swagger that you could dance to while played in any jukebox in any truck-stop bar.


  1. All The Boys
  2. Beginner's Luck
  3. Sleepless Dreamer
  4. Long Hair
  5. Only in America
  6. Ghost
  7. Night Tides
  8. Blue-Eyed Angel
  9. Behind Closed Doors
  10. Phases