History Of Dogs, Revisited

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No, it doesn't sound like the Butthole Surfers. It was never going to sound like Butthole Surfers. Get over it !!!

It's time to revisit Paul Leary's 1992 debut solo LP – the avalanche of sound he titled The History Of Dogs, 'Revisited' here with two additional tracks that did not appear on the original LP, including one that will soon appear as the fist video from the LP, Speedo Man. You won't believe your eyes. Believe me.

This 1992 LP was WAY ahead of its time. Originally released on Rough Trade Records during the glory days of Butthole Surfers' crash course across the stages of every music festival criss-crossing the globe, this is zany, complex, unhinged, and sometimes just gloriously weird music, but it also features some of the most catchy indie pop music anthems you'll ever hear, and certainly far catchier than anything you'd ever hear from the BS catalogue of pyschedelic hysteria.

Listen to 'The Birds Are Dying' or 'Fine Home', and then try to say that Paul Leary isn't one of the most gifted songwriters/producers of the late-20th century.


  1. The Birds Are Dying
  2. Apollo One
  3. Dalhart Down The Road
  4. How Much Longer
  5. He's Working Overtime
  6. Speedo Man
  7. Indians Storm The Government
  8. Is It Mikey
  9. Too Many People
  10. The City
  11. Fine Home
  12. The Adventures Of Pee Pee The Sailer