PAT METHENY - Road To The Sun – Flying Out
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Road To The Sun

Vinyl 2LP


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On his latest album, Road To The Sun, Pat Metheny surprises us once again with his seemingly endless ability to harvest new vistas while retaining the instantly recognizable Metheny sound. With two major new works, performed by five of the world's leading guitarists, Metheny charts a new way of obliterating boundaries between genres while simultaneously unveiling new facets of an already expansive personal language.

Grammy-winner Jason Vieaux, described by NPR as “perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation”, was tapped by Metheny to perform his four-movement solo guitar suite Four Paths Of Light.

The centrepiece of this landmark recording is Road To The Sun, a six-movement piece for fellow Grammy-award winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet LAGQ–Metheny describes them as “one of the best bands in the world”. The recording concludes with what Metheny describes as a “bonus track”; a performance of Arvo Pärt’s Für Alina, performed by Metheny on his Manzer 42-string Pikassoguitar.


Side A
1. Four Paths of Light, Pt. 1
2. Four Paths of Light, Pt. 2
3. Four Paths of Light, Pt. 3
4. Four Paths of Light, Pt. 4
Side B
1. Road to the Sun, Pt. 1
2. Road to the Sun, Pt. 2
3. Road to the Sun, Pt. 3

Side A
1. Road to the Sun, Pt. 4
2. Road to the Sun, Pt. 5
3. Road to the Sun, Pt. 6
Side B
1. Arvo Pärt: Für Alina (arr. Pat Metheny for 42 string guitar)