Human Performance


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New York deadpan punk band Parquet Courts is back with their 5th Studio album Human Performance which was recorded over the course of a year against a backdrop of personal instability. Human Performance picks up where the last album left off and instead of waking up to, and being stuck in anxiety like Content Nausea (2014), this release picks it apart and analyses the anxieties of modern life: the unavoidable noise of NYC that can be maddening, the kind of the impossible struggle against clutter, whether its physical or mental," lead singer Andrew Savage says as he began questioning humanity and felt like a sort of malfunctioning apparatus."Like a machine programmed to be human showing signs of defect.

Like any Parquet Courts album you can expect to feel the emotions of the band flow out of the instruments as they sound tighter than ever, then lead singer Andrew Savage comes into the tracks with his punk influenced singing structure and meaningful lyricism.


1. Dust
2. Human Performance
4. I Was Just Here
5. Paraphrased
6. Captive Of The Sun
7. Steady On My Mind
8. One Man, No City
9. Berlin Got Blurry
10. Keep It Even
11. Two Dead Cops
12.Pathos Prairie
13. Its Gonna Happen

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