Reset in Dub (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP
After the sublime pairing of Animal Collective's Panda Bear and Spacemen 3's Sonic Boom birthed one of the lushest records of 2022, the duo have enlisted dubmaster general Adrian Sherwood to deliver a brand new version of Reset. Reconstructed, reworked, and dubbed into whole new aural territories at Sherwood's fabled On-U Sound Studios, Reset In Dub features guest turns from Doug Wimbish and Skip McDonald of Tackhead, ensuring this is the real dub deal. - Flying Out

Reset, the acclaimed 2022 collaborative album from Panda Bear & Sonic Boom, has been reimagined by the legendary British dub producer Adrian Sherwood as Reset in Dub.

Sherwood created his version of Reset at his On-U Sound Studios with a crew that included such storied musicians as Doug Wimbish and Skip McDonald (Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five).


1. Gettin’ to the Point Dub 
2. Go On Dub 
3. Everyday Dub
4. Edge of the Edge Dub 
5. In My Body Dub 
6. Whirlpool Dub 
7. Danger Dub
8. Livin’ in the After Dub 
9. Everything’s Been Leading To This Dub