The Glorification of Sadness (Vinyl LP, Clear)

Vinyl LP (Clear)

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The Glorification of Sadness’ is more than an album about relationships. The celebration of finding your way back after leaving a long term relationship, being empowered even in your failures and taking responsibility for your own happiness. It is her most personal album to date, drawing on her own experiences with Paloma acting as the anchor to direct a deeply personal narrative and album.

1 Sweatpants
2 Pressure
3 God in a Dress
4 How You Leave a Man
5 There’s Nothing More Human Than Failure
6 Bad Woman
7 Cry on the Dance Floor
8 Say My Name
9 Let It Ride
10 the Big Bang Ending
11 Eat Shit and Die
12 Divorce
13 Hate When You’re Happy
14 Enjoy Yourself
15 I Am Enough
16 Mirror to Mirror
17 Already Broken

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