The Past We Leave Behind


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Mike Simonetti has decided to split from Italians Do It Better (Chromatics, Glass Candy) to focus on his new project, Pale Blue, as well as his new venture: the freshly minted label 2MR (Two Mikes Records). A collaboration between Simonetti and Captured Tracks, 2MR is an opportunity for Simonetti to start from a blank slate and release music he believes in.

The first release on 2MR will be The Past We Leave Behind, the debut album from Pale Blue.

During the writing process of Capricorn Rising, Simonetti was asked to remix tracks from the West Coast twosome Silver Hands. Immediately taken by the incredible range of lead-vocalist Elizabeth Wight, he reached out to collaborate. The result of the bi-coastal email exchange would eventually become Pale Blue.

"Mike Simonetti, formerly of Italians Do It Better, has a moody new electro-pop project with singer Elizabeth Wight. The Past We Leave Behind is wistful, elegiac, and bittersweet, and the Field and M83 both offer clear antecedents for Pale Blue’s billowing synthesizers and yearning vocals." Pitchfork


1. The Past We Leave Behind
2. The Scars 
3. Distance To The Waves 
4. Mia 
5. Tougher 
6. Myself 
7. The Scars (Reprise) 
8. Dusk In Parts 
9. The Math 
10. Rain 
11. The Eye 
12. Embrace 
13. One Last Thing 


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