Grind State

Vinyl LP

Following 2013's grim-sugar-rush LP V.O.I.D, P.H.F has been curtains-pulled tiny-apartment-zoning, while occasionally venturing out to play some explosive full-band live shows (one of which was @ LA's The Smell) the whole time suggestively whispering to us Grind State Out Soon. After a year of teasing P.H.F is finally prepared to submit entry to the Grind State.

Like an all-cheats-unlocked play-through, Grind State has everything an album can be, from heart-rending synth-pop through to free-skate-mode punk-rock. Alt-leaning tempos drag the listener to the curb, as muscle-beach guitar-leads kick hard against what punk thinks is concrete. And as bearings wear, time crawls revealing bruised-synths darkly flowering over skinned knees and shredded sleeves. From love-sucks-aching to who-cares-chugging Grind State is a complete soundtrack to your infinitely-recurring post-teen nostalgia.

P.H.F has found a great night-skate spot with Grind State, located somewhere between pop-punk no-parents freedom to backlit grey-clouds 5am synth-pop reflection. With his (tm) yearning and fun-as-fuck pop-hooks P.H.F has entered a new alt-zone, maturely drinking RTDs on the curb outside your parents house: Welcome... to the Grind State.
-Crystal Magic Records