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Auckland, NZ’s P.H.F. is back with Anthology—a curated collection of songs from the last 8 years. This dynamic progression through the artist’s back catalog is great for new fans and day ones. Spanning over 9 full-length albums and 2 EP’s, Anthology is a collective representation of growth through discomfort and an exercise in the banality of genre. This is the definitive collection of PHF so far, with no sign of slowing down there will be plenty more to come.

Anthology includes 16 tracks & a brand new single Living Is Easy from P.H.F.'s upcoming LP New Metal out later this year.

Track Listing

  1. Mystery Meat
  2. Get Bent
  3. Fearless Summer
  4. I Just Want to be Dumb
  5. Clock To Kill
  6. OK It's Gone
  7. I Don't Care
  8. No Makeup
  9. Skinheads Suck
  10. Queen (ft Clairo)
  11. Soft
  12. Sometimes
  13. IDW
  14. I Was A Kid (ft. Emily Edrosa)
  15. Glue
  16. I Hate Myself
  17. Living Is Easy

12" Vinyl:
-1st pressing on translucent red 140-gram vinyl