Intercepted Message (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP
By now, you're either on board the bullet train that is the Osees entity, or you're gonna have to jog real hard to keep up with their frantic output! Intercepted Message gives the fans a bouncy and blistering treat, with influences swinging from 60s garage to Devo to dance-punk with effortless ease. John Dwyer and his merry entourage are back, and if you know ... you know you're gonna love it - Flying Out
Prolific garage-punks OSEES are back with an LP they're touting as their 'pop record'. Don't be fooled though, 'Intercepted Message' is as strange and psychedelic as John Dwyer and co. have ever sounded, with inspirations coming from fringe new wave, energetic dance-punk, early garage rock, colourful synth-punk, and late 60s psychedelia. This one finds a comfortable spot between Protean ThreatDevo, and Dwyer's Damaged Bug. 


1. Stunner
2. Blank Chems
3. Intercepted Message
4. Die Laughing
5. Unusual & Cruel
6. The Fish Needs a Bike
7. Goon
8. Chaos Heart
9. Submerged Building
10. Sleazoid Psycho
11. Always at Night
12. Ladwp Hold