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Sergio Mendoza (a longtime member of Calexico) was born in Arizona (USA) but grew up across the border in Sonora (Mexico). On the band’s 3rd album, “Curandero,” his musical melding of those experiences explodes from the speakers. Rock arrived in his life after he moved back to the US, when he was still a young child. Inevitably, the different styles simply blended in his mind and fit together in his life.

Sometimes, things fall together as if they’re simply fated to exist. Orkesta Mendoza found that; as soon as the songs began to flow for Curandero, their second album for the Glitterbeat label, the stars seemed to align and everything was composed, recorded and mastered in just a few short months.

Curandero has a close, intimate feel, but this wasn’t a band playing together in a room; all the musicians came in separately to track their parts. The consistency of sound comes having the touring band drummer and bassist on most of the songs, and from Mendoza’s production which makes everything seem organic and bright. The music leaps out of the speakers.

RIYL: Calexico, Bonnie Prince Billy, Giant Sand


2.Head Above Water
3.Boogaloo Arizona
4.Are We Better Now?
6.Early in the Morning 
7.Eres Oficial
8.Me dejo Llevar
9.El Chumina
10.No Te Esperaba
11.Little Space
12.Why You Looking That Way
13.Bora Bora
14.Hoodoo Voodoo Queen

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