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Paradise Of Bachelors

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The music of L.A.-based guitarist, singer, and songwriter Kayla Cohen is mutable and multivalent, richly allusive of the hermetic worlds of private-press canyon-cult mystics and East Coast noiseniks alike. Her adept fingerstyle guitar work - nimble but unshowy, always at the service of framing her plaintively unspooling modal progressions and gorgeous, moonlit voice - centers these melancholy pastorales in a hazy, heat-mirage space equally suggestive of familiarity and distance, community and anomie. Itasca's enchanting, acid folk-inflected PoB debut is also the first to feature a full band.


1. Buddy 02:54
2. Henfight 03:34
3. No Consequence 02:52
4. G.B. 03:55
5. Layman's Banquet 03:57
6. Carousel 04:22
7. Just For Tomorrow 03:43
8. Angel 03:57
9. Daylight Under My Wing 02:54
10. Right This Time 03:29
11. Bonafide 05:46