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ONONO is the expansive personal project of performer and producer Jonathan Nott. 2021 sees the release of the self titled album which was written and recorded over the last 4 years between Los Angeles and Wellington. This new strain of epic, emotionally charged pop combines dark brooding soundscapes with bright uplifting melodies constituting ONONO’s most polished offering yet. They are songs that push and pull and waver side to side. They take you to an alternate reality - something that feels like it has happened to you but never has. Like a dream that feels grounded in reality but is impossible. Escapist pop for the soul searcher.

Jonathan Nott has been a part of some of Aoteroa’s most significant pop providers contributing as the live drummer for brother sister duo BROODS and songstress ROBINSON. Whilst writing, recording and touring with indie pop legends HANS PUCKET he has pulled together a unique cast of contributors including Deanne Krieg (WHIM), Callum Passells (Hans Pucket, Flightless Birds) as well as bandmates Sam Notman and Katelin Little.

  1. Vincent’s Castle
  2. The Island
  3. Charms
  4. Hohner
  5. LUV ME 2
  6. The Lookout 
  7. Neon
  8. Fontelina
  9. YTB
  10. Holy Chair