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See Now and Know


See Now and Know

K Records

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Old Time Relijun and K have been co-conspirators through the ages and it has been a wild ride. Old Time Relijun is an unearthly combo from Olympia, Washington. We don’t like to throw words like “genius”, “brilliant” or “Legendary” around lightly. Nor do we use them to describe Old Time Relijun (though others do). We prefer to see them as “mythical”.

Their new album See Now and Know appears after a mysterious decade-long hiatus reuniting the classic Catharsis in Crisis lineup featuring bandleader Arrington de Dionyso with Aaron Hartman (upright bass), Germaine Baca (drums) and Benjamin Hartman (saxophone and percussion). We ask from where does this new visionary collection of songs come? They appear to have exploded from the four spontaneously as they near-improvise a record cobbled from within, the current political and cultural moment being part of the catalyst for a deeper tunneling under. The songs are sing-along at the edge of the volcano fun. You see, after not seeing each other for years, they picked up their untuned instruments and played 21 songs in a row without stopping. So See Now and Know was meant to be all along. And we are the benefactors of this fertile moment.

There is real, palpable urgency in this recording. Seven songs, 23 minutes. Everything necessary with no fat to cut out. Jump in, Old Time RelijunSee Now and Know!



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