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Musicking is Old Time Relijun’s 10th studio album. The record pounces fierce with the protest anthem 'Break Through'. Arrington De Dionyso’s voice has gained some grit and even more gravitas. Like an overloaded speaker, he booms the words into the stratosphere. “Break through the wickedness, break through the lies, Break through the glass; don’t stand in my way!” The band hits the groove and the vibe moves through the 11 songs swiftly – like Panther Juice and Rum. It does not stop, it does not let up, it does not let you sleep.

Musicking is the latest example of the Old Time Relijun push and pull. They are the rarest breed of musical combo; insatiable, living raw, always on the margins, consistent as hell. You know what to expect, and yet haven’t a clue what’s coming next. Old Time Relijun conduct sweaty, compulsively danceable performances that never fail to inflame. Their songs are simple, but no one in the world could imitate them. Their albums are packed with singalong hits mixed with sonic experiments and cosmic jests. The loose swagger belies years of practice, fastidious arrangements and a gut-level understanding of musical how and why.


  1. Break Through
  2. Bionic Trunk
  3. Left Hand Shake
  4. This Foundation Is Cracked
  5. Back To Water
  6. The Lung Song
  7. Love Spell
  8. Big D
  9. We Start The Fire
  10. Life Drawing
  11. You That Is You

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