The Masterplan (Reissue) (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

Compilation album by the English rock band, originally released in 1998. It comprises B-sides which never made it onto an album up to that point, including fan favourites such as Acquiesce, Talk Tonight, Half the World Away' and The Masterplan
Critics and fans alike claimed that the best of these B-sides were as strong as the best moments on the albums, and they were right. None of the albums had a song that rocked as hard as Fade Away (cleverly built on a stolen melody from Wham!'s Freedom), Headshrinker, or Acquiesce. There was nothing as charming as the lite psychedelic pastiche Underneath the Sky or the Bacharach tribute Going Nowhere; there was nothing as affecting as Noel Gallagher's acoustic plea Talk Tonight or the minor-key, McCartney-esque Rockin' Chair, nothing as epic as The Masterplan.

Most bands wouldn't throw songs of this caliber away on B-sides, but Noel Gallagher followed the example of his heroes the Jam and the Smiths, who released singles where the B-sides rivaled the A-sides. This meant many American fans missed these songs, so to remedy this situation, Oasis released the B-sides compilation The Masterplan.


1. Acquiesce
2. Underneath The Sky
3. Talk Tonight
4. Going Nowhere
5. Fade Away
6. The Swamp Song
7. I Am The Walrus (Live)
8. Listen Up
9. Rockin' Chair
10. Half The World Away
11. (It's Good) To Be Free
12. Stay Young
13. Headshrinker
14. The Masterplan