Trauma Factory

Vinyl LP

nothing, nowhere. is the musical endeavor of Vermont songwriter, singer and guitarist Joe Mulherin. For Mulherin, nothing, nowhere. is about a connection. It’s one he finds with fans around the world, who gather to see him play on tour and to listen to his songs online. It’s that connection that urges the singer to place his fears aside and step onstage each night to share his art. He sees the potential to help, to make a change, however small it may be and that is why he brings his music out of the Vermont wildness.

Over the course of 15 tracks, Trauma Factory cuts deep and finds nothing, nowhere. once again emerging from darkness, shedding external expectation, and moving forward into the glow of pure creation. Whether it be the anesthetized beats and intoxicating lull of “love or chemistry,” the cold piano-laden longing of “crave,” or the emotional immediacy of “upside down,” nothing,nowhere. paints from a wide palette of pain.


  1. ‎trauma factory 
  2. ​lights (4444) 
  3. ​buck
  4. ​love or chemistry
  5. ​exile 
  6. ​upside down
  7. ​pain place (Ft. MISOGI)
  8. ‎fake friend
  9. ​death
  10. ​pretend 
  11. ​blood (Ft. JUDGE & KennyHoopla)
  12. ​​nightmare 
  13. ​crave
  14. ​real 
  15. ​barely bleeding