Ribbed (30th Anniversary)



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Ribbed is the third studio album by the American punk rock band NOFX. It was their last album to feature Steve Kidwiller on guitar and the last NOFX album produced by Brett Gurewitz (the guitarist of Bad Religion and founder of Epitaph).

NOFX hold an important place in the history of So Cal Punk, and their importance is undeniable. Any punk band today must reckon at least a little bit with NOFX's massive influence and discography.

Limited red with black splatter vinyl.


  1. Green Corn
  2. The Moron Brothers
  3. Showerdays
  4. Food, Sex, & Ewe
  5. Just The Flu
  6. El Lay
  7. New Boobs 
  8. Cheese/Where's My Slice?
  9. Together On The Sand
  10. Nowhere
  11. Brain Constipation 
  12. Gonoherpasyphlaids
  13. I Don't Want You Around 
  14. The Malachi Crunch