At King Tubby's - Dub Plate Specials 1973 - 1975

Vinyl LP

Reggae producer Niney the Observer was one of the key figures in Jamaican music during the wildly fruitful period in the '70s that gave birth to many of reggae's classic albums. Niney (nicknamed thusly after losing one of his fingers) worked with everyone of note in his day, engineering sessions for Bunny Lee and Lee "Scratch" Perry as well as producing some intense dubs at King Tubby's studio. Some of the best results of Niney's time at Tubby's studio are represented here, with drastically alternate mixes to some of his best-known hits. From the start of the collection, signature sounds of Tubby's dubs infiltrate the mixes. The studio's brand is all over Dub Plate Specials 1973-1975, from the echo-saturated tape delay of Set Dub Free to the minimalist deconstruction of the bass-heavy Tenement Dub.


  1. Set Dub Free
  2. Lately Dub
  3. Dub With Tubby
  4. Dub Exclusive
  5. In Love With Dub
  6. No More Dub
  7. Here Comes Dub
  8. Tenement Dub
  9. Swallow Field and Dub
  10. Dubbing With Sally
  11. Dark Side of Dub
  12. Dub in Silver