Vinyl 2LP

2020 saw Nice Girl in flux, as she returned to New Zealand and rapidly readjusted to a new existence here. This sense of change was reflected in her two releases for Public Possession, which veered from Trax-esque house music to pitched-down runic transmissions. It also suggests something rare about Nice Girl - a drive to play and create from the heart, rather than being limited by the constraints of a scene. It is a quality that has seen her gain Bell Towers, Jennifer Cardini, and Apiento as fans, and has seen her profiled and played worldwide. 

As a natural progression from her prior singles on PP Ipsum has a very capturing energy, although essentially machine music every single sound on the record seems connected with mother earth.

It’s rooted in the common ground that is home to all of us: the soil that nurtures flora & fauna, the air we breath, the water we drink, the sun & moon that shine upon our bodies. One tribe, a million rituals, a common ground: The Dance (the Beat). Repetitive rhythms creating a sense of community & togetherness.


  1. Erotic Aroma
  2. Pachamama
  3. Cool Dudes In Hot Water
  4. Ipsum
  5. Dance
  6. Awry
  7. The Coming
  8. Cosmic Pratt
  9. HTP
  10. Hot mm & Hmm's
  11. Way With Fantasy
  12. Yardmaster Pt. II (feat. Eden Burns)
  13. Hot mm & Hmm's (Club Mix)