Soft Connections

The making of Soft Connections was a lengthy process that took place during a crucial period of musical growth and self-exploration. It's an optimistic and introspective record about being in-and-out of feeling - on the brink of a personal breakthrough, yet still seeking direction, purpose, truth and permanence. Anchored by the Catwalk favorite "Please Don't Break Me" - a song that, at one point, could very well have launched Nic into "indie celebdom" - this record is now a send-off to Nic's lost time; he's moved forward, sounding better than ever and ready to soundtrack your long road trip or failed crush. This will be the first record in what we all hope to be a lengthy string of great albums.


1. Feel Again 
2. Hearts Repeating 
3. Expel Me 
4. Permanent 
5. Do You Ever 
6. All in the Night 
7. All Around You
8. Please Don't Break
9. Moonlight Girl 
10. Into the Twilight 
11. Soon You'll See Kristine 
12. Soft Connections