Lee "Scratch" Perry's Guide To The Universe

We Are Busy Bodies


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New Age Doom follows up it's critically acclaimed 2020 drone metal opus Himalayan Dream Techno with a serendipitous LP featuring the dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry as lead vocalist. With it's central themes of experimentation and dreaming, the album takes listeners on a sonic trip through a genre-defying blend of drone, jazz, stoner rock, noise and (of course) dub. "It felt natural to team up with an artist well known for boldness and experimentation," reflects drummer and co-producer Eric J. Breitenbach on the choice of approaching Perry to appear on the album. "We never expected him to say yes, but at the same time, never doubted that he would. Once he was aboard, everything else just fell into place." Delivering a life-affirming performance equal parts blessing and warning, Perry drops benevolent wisdom bombs and soaring melodies of holy adoration. Possessed of blessed inspiration, the legendary Upsetter "kills us down with love" with his singular brand of freestyle proselytizing.


1. Life is an Experiment 
2. Holy Wings
3. Fly in the World
4. Holy Dub 
5. Step in Space
6. Conquer The Sin