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"He might have been bringing jazz to our dancefloors for three decades now, but our Squire for Hire Nathan Haines is showing no signs of going trad, dad. His new album Notes has just been announced on Loop Recordings, and features heady help from around the world, including from Phil Asher, Vanessa Freeman, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Frank Booker, JKriv and Marc Mac. It's just shy of a decade since we had a full length solo LP from our sax-o-matic man, but in only a month these thirteen new tunes will be baked to perfection and ready to devour." - Flying Out

Nathan Haines is a masterful saxophonist, producer and DJ who has successfully fused jazz with elements of dance music over the last 30 years.

With a prolific output ranging from fully analogue jazz to electronic dance music, Nathan Haines is a genre-bending musician with an instantly recognisable sound.

Notes, his first solo album since 2015, truly feels like a celebration of life — 13 tracks that are as rhythmically infectious as they are emotionally profound.

Nathan Haines has long been celebrated for his ability to blend different musical styles, and Notes features soulful melodies, deep, groove driven basslines and intricate rhythms, all enhanced by electronic elements.

The album features collaborations with UK house music legend Phil Asher, Vanessa Freeman, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Frank Booker, JKriv and Marc Mac.


1. Love You More
2. Night Moves (feat. Ruby Cesan)
3. Just Holdin' On (feat. Eo)
4. Journey To The Peak
5. Brother Of Mine (feat. Vanessa Freeman)
6. Sleek
7. Come Into The Light (feat. La Coco)
8. Storm (feat. Rachel Clarke)
9. Don't Think (feat. Eo)
10. Running Man
11. Give Thanks (feat. Arjuna Oakes & Mark de Clive-Lowe)
12. Belo Dia
13. Notes

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