Television Man

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Over the last four years, Olympia-based punk trio Naomi Punk featuring singer/guitarist Travis Coster, guitarist Neil Gregerson, and drummer Nic Luempert has been lighting up DIY warehouses and large concert halls alike with their singular brand of mid-tempo, cathartic punk. After their breakout 2012 debut The Feeling, Naomi Punk returns to the fold with their sophomore record, Television Man - their first for Captured Tracks. A key fixture in the Northwest DIY punk scene, Naomi Punk channels a similar energy as their contemporaries (Milk Music, Broken Water, Vexx, Gag) and their fore bearers (Wipers, Dead Moon, Nirvana) while cultivating a body of work and an aesthetic that is wholly their own. Home recorded in Olympia, Washington over the Fall and Winter of 2013, and mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI, "Television Man" is a collection of oblique punk anthems and collaged instrumental pieces which best showcase the cathartic aggression that has become their signature.


1. Firehose Face 
2. Song Factory 
3. Television Man 
4. Plastic World 
5. Eleven Inches 
6. California Truth 
7. Eon of Pain 
8. Linoleum Tryst 
9. Whirlpool of Anguish
10. Rodeo Trash Pit