Naja Naja

Vinyl EP

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On Naja Naja’s debut EP, band members Gou Gou (bass/vocal) and Yuhao (guitar/vocal) fuse motorik rhythms, rough tones and not-so-subtle melodies to depict their vivid and shadowy memories. Like two children peering into an illuminated crystal ball, seeing a vision of the bittersweet world for the first time, the duo explores wonder and terror alike, all with brutal fearlessness. Above all else, Naja Naja’s goal as a band is to have fun, and you can feel it in these 6 songs. Let Naja Naja’s off-kilter and retro-futuristic sounds take you on a wild voyage and possibly even shed light on the path to a utopian future… or maybe just a party that will take you away from your troubles for a short time.


  1. New Toy
  2. Dong Dong
  3. Running Dog, Floating Elephant
  4. Sunset Shopping Center
  5. Copy Of You
  6. Tunnel

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