nothing or something to die for (Vinyl LP)

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British Hong Kong artist Mui Zyu, aka Eva Liu, generates the kind of abstract, wonky pop that defies explanation. The follow-up to debut album Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century, Nothing Or Something To Die For stretches the imagination to new limits, featuring special guests including our very own Pickle Darling, as well as Miss Grit and others. As she explores the modern condition through Magic Eye glasses, open your heart and mind to the curious world of Mui Zyu! - Flying Out

As mui zyu, Hong Kong British artist Eva Liu searches for a portal, wandering between nothing and everything in her pursuit of peace. On her second full-length album nothing or something to die for, she looks outward, embracing the chaos with each tentative step. With an eye to the absurd, it asks: how do we find the hole in the wall––the portal––to the path we all crave? mui zyu’s debut album Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century saw her explore her heritage, as she dived inward to find acceptance and healing. Now, instead of searching for answers from the inside, Liu raises her head to look at the world around her. As she attempts to understand the complexities and significance of human existence, she observes apathy alongside overwhelming chaos; the technological advancements of connection with the lack of meaningful bonds and the frustrations of upholding standards set by others. nothing or something to die for tries to decipher these juxtaposing truths, holding both the weight of those trying to destroy the world with the utter futility of it all.


Satan Marriage
The Mould 
Everything to Die For 
Donna Like Parasites
The Rules of What an Earthling Can Be
Please Be Ok (Feat. Miss Grit)
Telephone Congee I
Speak Up, Sponge
What’s the Password Baby Bird?
Hopefulness, Hopefulness
Telephone Congee II
Sparky (Feat. Lei, E) 
In the Dot (Feat. Pickle Darling)
Cool as a Cucumber

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