Mr. Greg & Cass McCombs Sing & Play New Folk Songs for Children

Vinyl LP

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The tender and curious songs on the first album by songwriter and preschool teacher Mr Greg and acclaimed indie chameleon Cass McCombs celebrate the joys of learning and discovery.

The pair of longtime friends make connections for young children just beginning to find their own way in the world and for parents regaining their own childlike sensibilities. Set to tunes straight from the mold of Ella Jenkins and Woody Guthrie, the duo sings about the importance of friendship, understanding those different from yourself, and taking care of your body. They also pay musical tribute to heroic figures of bravery and justice like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Harvey Milk. These songs are bridges to many adventures in the making and include suggested activities for youngsters to supplement their listening and exploration. 


1. Little Wilma Wiggly Worm
2. Friends from All Around the World (Hello Version)
3. J-O-B
4. Requiem for Ruth Bader Ginsburg
5. A Builder's Got a Hammer and Nails
6. Each One of Us
7. What's Your Favorite Kind
8. I'm a Nocturnal Animal
9. Paper Airplane
10. My Skull Is Made Out of Bone
11. Wave a Flag for Harvey Milk
12. Things that Go in the Recycling Bin
13. Roll Around Downtown
14. Deciduous Tree
15. We Build a Lot of Muscle as We Exercise
16. The Sounds that the Letters Make
17. Who Are You
18. Together with You
19. Oona Louise, My Friend
20. Friends from All Around the World (Goodbye Version)

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